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Tags: Posted on February 18, 2013

This post is going to be a quick and dirty.  No preaching, no spraying, no shameless advertising!   I've been so busy with work, training, and life lately that blogging time has been sparse to say the least.  So until the next one, I'm mainly just going to post a few pics of me for a change, thanks to Paul and Magda.  I don't usually post very many photos of myself but here's a few from some of the amazing Rockies classics I've been on lately.  i wish I had some skiing photos from some of the neck deep days at the Rogers Pass I've had, but it's too hard to stop and take them when you're having that much fun.  The ski posts will come soon as the days get longer and more interesting adventures begin to unfold.…  For now, here's some climbing b-roll, Canadian Rockies style... 
Me, on the fourth pitch of Cryophobia, M8 225 meters.  Easily one of the best mixed routes in range!  Photo: Magda Kosior


me on the second pitch of the French Reality. Yet another multi-pitch mega classic!  Photo:Paul Bride


Me on the second pitch of Nightmare on Wolf Street.  Another one of my vavorites.  The Stanley Headwall is in great shape shape this year!  Photo: Paul Bride

The first mixed pitch of Nightmare on Wolf Street with Magda Kosior on belay duty.  Photo: Paul Bride  

Skate skiing is one of my favorite forms of training, and who better to do it with than my 27 month old daughter Zoe.  Here she's immitating me without the skis during a break.  "Faster Daddy faster" is what i mostly hear when towing her!    


And here's a photo of where I'm going in a week, for a week!  One of my favorite zones.  Hopefully conditions will be as good as the last two times.  

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