Spirits of Asgard

Tags: Posted on August 12, 2013

It's been a busy summer as always and I'm getting behind on updating this blog.  About six weeks ago, the video Spirits of Asgard was released, and has been very well received.  It's been posted to Outside Television, as well as received a Vimeo Staff pick, so it's recieved a lot of views, which is pretty cool!  A huge congratulations to Joshua Lavigne for producing it.  Check his website for more photos of the trip as well as the July / August 2013 issue of Gripped which features some pics and a 2500 word story I wrote about it.  Josh's words and images are also shared in the 2013 Canadian Alpine Journal.  Although the video covers the "darker" aspects of our trip, such as a couple of close calls we had, it was very a fun and successful trip.  Some photos and stories have been shared here on a blog post from last August, but I thought I'd take a few a minutes to share a few more images as I link the the video here, as an attempt to share a greater visual tour of the amazing landscape Baffin has to offer.  



Spirits of Ásgarðr from ARC'TERYX on Vimeo.

The north side of Mt. Asgard and the reason for going here. 

Ines and Josh enjoying perfect weather and spectacular views on the 60km approach.  

One of the many stream crossings

Sunrise at Summit Lake

We were always hungry! 

A cariboo skull and atlers on the Turner Glacier, and the first views of the 1200m high North Face of Mt. Asgard 

Getting up the Turner Gl. required a lot of stream hopping, which sometimes required following them for a long ways before finding the easiest spot to jump.

Base camp on the turner.  Asgard peaking through the clouds.


Our kitchen and living room for about a week

Ines getting started up the incredible south Buttress of Mt. Loki

Smiles on the summit of Loki

Getting high on Asgard. Mt. Loki is the highest rock peak accross the glacier and our base camp is on the strip of rock, directly below its summit.  Photo by Joshua Lavigne

Josh and Ines folllow yet another pitch of perfect splitters

Josh getting western, a couple ofpitches below the summit

Ines at base camp below Asgard.